Q: After purchasing Power By GoGreen™TM items and registering, what do I do?
A: After purchasing merchandise and registering a profile, it is important to follow the “How it works” instructions located at the top of the homepage.

Q: Do I need to purchase any type of shipping materials?
A:  No. We process all our returns for recycling using USPS flat rate boxes or envelopes. These items can be picked up at any United States Postal Office or ordered on

Q: How many points do I need to collect to qualify for free recycling?
A: Residential = 75pts, Commercial = 700pts

Q: Why do I have to acquire all 75 points to return my Power By GoGreen™ items?
A: Each item is associated with a number of points, the 75 points correlates to the amount of items per return. In order to reduce our carbon footprint from shipping, it is imperative to maximize the amount of space in each box.

Q: How does the point system work?
A: The points are based on weight and size of each item. It is essential for shipping, to calculate the different sizes and weights that will fit in each box. Your Power By GoGreen™ Code is associated with the correct amount of points. The point system is:

AA = 1 point
AAA = 0.75 point
C = 3 points
D = 6 points
9V = 2 points
Surge protectors = 5
Extension cords = 10
Clamp Lights = 10
Flashlights = 5

Q: What does the 75 points qualify me for?
A:  A free United States Post Office flat rate shipping label to our recycling center, Battery Solutions

Q: How many shipping labels do I receive?
A:  Each customer will receive one shipping label per 75 points. Please remember that when you click the ‘redeem’ button, you will receive a shipping label via email within 24 hours. Once the shipping label is redeemed, it may not be redeemed again until another 75 points is earned. Your shipping label will expire if not used within 7 days.

Q: How do I send my Small Flat Rate Shipping Box?
A:  To save on your carbon footprint, you may simply place the sealed box with your shipping label into your mailbox. Another option is to drop the box off at your local United States Postal Office.

Q: How much of the battery is recycled?
A: 100%

Q: What is the recycling process?
A: Alkaline batteries are recycled during steel making processes, where they’re placed in a molten mill furnace as a feedstock. The zinc from the batteries is fumed off into a vacuum baghouse for recovery, while the end metal product is used to make low-grade steel (i.e. rebar).

Q: Do you get money back for recycling your batteries?
A:  No. We pay for all of the recycling free of charge to you for shipping and recycling.

Q: Where can I purchase Power By GoGreen™TM batteries?
A:  You can visit our Where to Buy page for all retail locations or email us a info@powerbygogreen.com to find a retailer near you!