About Us

Recyclable Batteries

The whole concept behind iRecycled.com is quite simple: to make recycling more accessible. Most people understand the importance of recycling; however, it’s not always that convenient. We decided to make it as easy as we can for consumers. We are one of the first companies making it easy and FREE to change old habits and come together in the fight against pollution and excess waste by recycling alkaline batteries.

Battery Recycling
We recognize the importance of recycling alkaline batteries and demonstrating product responsibility. Our batteries are 100% recyclable and should be recycled by consumers at the end of use. Power By GoGreen™ provides a recycling solution for a product that people use everyday but do not know how to properly dispose of. The landfills are growing and we don’t want our products to contribute to the problem. Power By GoGreen™ offers more than a battery, we offer a solution.

The Recycling Program
The program was designed to make it easy for people to collect dead Power By GoGreen™ batteries and mail them to a recycling facility at no cost to the consumer. iRecycled.com makes the entire program possible. By simply purchasing Power By GoGreen™ batteries, logging on, registering and earning points, any consumer can get battery recycling at their fingertips!

 Visit www.PowerByGoGreen.com for more information about our company and products

Power By GoGreen™ Supporters
AKA, Ashley Koff Approved

Power By GoGreen™ batteries are Ashley Koff R.D. approved (AKA)!

“The AKA stamp confirms that it has been reviewed and approved by Ashley Koff, R.D., as a better quality and healthier choice. It does not contain any nutrition “no, no’s,” its marketing message is truthful and it fits into a nutrition plan for optimal health.” Ashley Koff is a registered dietitian (R.D.) who strives to make better nutrition a way of life for all. She has expanded her nutrition approval line to accessories and beauty care for a overall healthy lifestyle. For more information about AKA approved items please visit www.ashleykoffapproved.com


Earth911.org Lists Power By GoGreen™ Batteries as a Mail-in Program for a proper way to dispose of alkaline batteries throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico!

  Earth911 has the most accurate and comprehensive Recycling Directory of its kind, and contains information for recycling over 240 different products that are free for consumers to use on their website, toll-free and bilingual hotline (1-800 CLEANUP) and their free iPhone application (iRecycle). Earth911 has over 127,000 locations and programs that people can search in the directory to find local recycling and disposal resources. Visit Earth911’s website for more details on how you can properly dispose of your household items.